Adding Radio to your Digital Mix provides many advantages increasing reach, affordability and ample audience targeting.


The Phoenix based research team of Colling Media found radio advertising to be a high-frequency medium with many advantages, such as reach, affordability and ample audience targeting.

"Radio is an amazing platform for any business looking to build awareness, brand loyalty, and brand equity," COO Leo Rondeau said in a release.  "Radio is typically perceived as a push tactic at the top of the marketing funnel.  The goal is to achieve tonnage and frequency with an audience.  People feel connected to their community through local DJs and feel they are part of the show and can connect with their favorite personalities."

This year, the firm saw success when combining both digital and radio into marketing campaigns, producing high conversion rates in paid search performances.  For example, an auto body shop spend nine percentage more on radio buys from August to October in comparison to May to July.  As a result, keyword-branded search volume increased in conversion volume (34.81%), impressions (12.29%), and click (18.29%).

"Cutting off brand and demand tactics like radio to chase short-term gains in ROAS is like cutting off your nose to spite your face, "CEO Brian Colling remarked.  "A strong focus on optimizing a brand's upper-funnel campaigns, including radio, is what helps us consistently deliver strong results further down the funnel for our clients."

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