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Disadvantages of Paid Social Media Likes

It seems as if today’s business owners either love social media or they hate it. It’s drilled into so many people’s heads that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, Snapchat, StumbleUpon, etc. are the new way of marketing. Sure, it can be beneficial for small businesses, I mean who wouldn’t want an opportunity for free marketing? But it’s when you want to grow your presence on these networks that it can become a challenge.

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Tips to Raise Facebook Engagement

Facebook can be a great tool for a business, but what's the sense in having a Business Page if you don't get engagement from your followers? Follow these tips to increase your engagement and make your social media marketing as effective as it can possibly be!

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Making Viral Content

The key to Social Media Marketing is to make sure the content you're posting is relevant and interesting to your customers and followers. Are you providing content with the potential to reach a large amount of people?

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